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March 2014



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I Guess I Missed The Memo

You don't always have to travel to get snippets of human interaction that make you shake your head and wonder just when it became exceptional just to act like a human being and wonder if you "missed the memo" sent out telling us not to do that.

That said, traveling away from home does tend to put tests on that theory that you might not otherwise accomplish.

So, like any good story let's start at the beginning: no shit, there I was in the lobby of a hotel which was my home away from home from August last year to February of this year. Given that I had virtually lived there Sunday thru Friday for six months I know all of the staff. I stumble in road weary and grumpy with the state of the universe but the night auditor Rich is so (apparently) pleased to see me that I stay a couple of minutes and chat with him and the new security guard.

Rich's desk phone rings and he pauses in the discussion to answer - a female guest called him for cab information to go to the hospital because she does not feel well. He listens and recommends a 911 call. She tells him she would like to come down to the lobby and get some air - he gets her room number just in case.

Initially I offer to leave with the comment - "well, you guys will be okay right? The security guard is First Aid trained, right?"

Rich rolls his eyes in respose, so I hang out.

She makes it down to the lobby under her own power - mid forties black woman, medium build - Rich calls 911 and gives them the pertinent information - address, call back number and starts posing dispatcher questions. I just hang out close by and in between the questions talk to her a bit, both to verify her consciousness and clarify some of her answers for the dispatcher.

When the paramedics arrived- maybe 3 minutes later, I quietly excused myself to avoid "rubbernecking" and, quiet frankly, to get some sleep. I had been VERY ready for bed but the minor excitement aftermath kept me up a bit.

My work phone woke me at 730, and I quietly crawled up from there handling a lot of business catching up on emails, etc - ran a little late getting out of the room and then made a "drive by" breakfast stop at the free breakfast.

There I run into the woman, nod good morning and said something to the effect of - glad you are looking well - she had complained of a racing heart, dizziness, sweating the night prior. She started thanking me profusely, with English that indicated perhaps somewhere in the Caribe area, then she waved her father over and he thanked me as well. When I tried to put it off as nothing - because well, it's not like I gave her CPR or anything, they scolded me saying "Don't diminish what you have done"

It makes me a little sad. When was it that being decent makes you a hero? I missed the memo I guess.


The memo is You Are A Good Egg. Nice one:)

And thanks for coming over this past weekend - it was lovely to see you.
Thanks on both counts - it was awesome seeing you all.....