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March 2014



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Doggone thorough Supervision

So, this is a week late but I had to get the photos off my phone in order give everyone the opportunity to "opt out" of a photo-journal of whelping box assembly with "briard supervision". The box itself is a grand construct provided originally by netcurmudgeon just over two years ago for our last litter.

That said, visit the photo journal

So, in the beginning, we had to clear about 50% of our front living room floor space and lay down a moving pad to both protect the floor from the wood box and provide a naturally leveling surface. While our floors are "amazingly level for a 100 year old home" the qualifier is still there.

Space cleared and prepped, I started the game of Jenga with the floor. Proper whelping boxes, for those that aren't "in the biz" must be off the ground a few inches to minimize drafts. Early on, drafts can cool puppies in a way that can kill them.

Banyon, the expectant mother, was *not* convinced I was up to anything good.

Despite the help, and the uneven floor, my stage-hand days and high school geometry prevailed/ Soon the platform was complete and the Tison, the one good dog, test drove it for stability and comfort. The girls could not be bothered.

Platform complete and covered in linoleum, the time came for the wall installation. The shelves close to the bottom are "pig rails" designed to keep puppies from getting caught between mom and the wall.

Getting the fourth side on is often something of a trial as the box was built to a fairly tight tolerance and adding the linoleum results in what all those engineers I hang out refer to as an "interference condition". Here is Uri demonstrating her version of an "interference condition".

Finally, the complete box, in all its glory:

However, for general consumption, I give the mid-point photo for those not interested in the details:


The girls will take all the *soft* bedding, thank you.
Leaving the poor boy dog the cold, hard floor.....
When are the pups due?
Somewhere between the 9th and the 11th of March, though in theory as early as the 6th.

There are a minimum of 8, but Briards are notorious for "stealth puppies" that are hard to find on Ultasound or Xray.
*nodding* stealth puppies -- I hope they are all healthy and the mother is too

Say - I periodically purge out old towels & washcloths & blankets and give them to the animal shelter in SGbury. But...could you guys use them? I'd be just as glad to send them north.
Thank you for thinking of us, but the shelter critters probably need them more...we already loaded up some.
yep yep
Well...right now she is getting obviously more pregnant by the minute...poor thing, though she was a willing participant...